Thursday, September 5, 2019

Impressive Turn Out at First Solidarity Walk of the 2019-2020 Year!

Yesterday, the Local 1904 was pleased that around 20 members joined together on a warm September day for a show of strength at our first Wednesday Solidarity Walk of the academic year. As we are currently working without a contract, and given that some of our Local negotiations are moving more slowly than we would like, demonstrating our solidarity is as important as ever. Let's keep this fantastic momentum going, folx, and do this kind of thing (or better) every week...see you next Wednesday!

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Local Supports Efforts By Sprague Library’s Health and Wellness Committee to Encourage Healthful Study Breaks

Over the summer, the Sprague Library’s Health and Wellness Committee put out a call for puzzles and games to help encourage students to take a break from studying. The officers of AFT Local 1904 answered this call and purchased puzzles and games so students can take study or “brain breaks” while working in the library.

The support of the library’s Health and Wellness Committee is only one of the ways AFT Local 1904 supports students beyond doing the important work we do. The Local also has a FAST Fund, which provides emergency financial assistance to students, and our scholarship, the Becker-Keene-Moore-Brook-Uhia-Waller Scholarship.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

The Local at Montclair Lights for Liberty Vigil

On Friday evening, July 12th, officers, other members, and family of the Local 1904 showed up in downtown Montclair at the Lights for Liberty vigil to show support for efforts to end the human rights violations at the US Southern border. The vigil, one of many held simultaneously throughout the country, featured a program of speakers including numerous community leaders, activists, and organizers.

Friday, June 14, 2019

AFT Local 1904 Represented at Trenton Budget Rally

Yesterday, Members of CWA, joined by various other members of organized labor and of the greater community, rallied in Trenton for a fair budget to be passed this budget season. The legislature must pass a budget by June 30th, or the State is at risk of a shutdown for the third year in a row. Governor Murphy’s proposed budget makes investments in public education and services, and funds public worker pension and our state employee contract while asking millionaires to pay their fair share in taxes. By contrast, Senator Sweeney’s “Path to Progress” proposal calls for ending the current public worker pension system for state, county, and municipal government employees and shifting billions of dollars of healthcare costs on to workers—all while protecting billions of dollars of tax cuts for the super wealthy and corporations. Members of the AFT Local 1904 joined together with CWA and others to rally for a budget aligned with the Governor’s proposal, that includes prioritizing public employees.