Becker-Keenen-Moore-Uhia-Waller Scholarships 2019

AFT Local 1904 is happy to announce that applications for the Becker-Keenen-Moore-Uhia-Waller Scholarship are available. All full-time undergraduate students in any major are eligible. If you know students in good academic standing (2.75 GPA or higher) who might benefit from this award, please encourage them to apply. 

This scholarship fund was established in 1997 in honor of Catherine A. Becker, James P. Keenen III, Joseph T. Moore, Anita E. Uhia, and Connie Waller, all former faculty and active union members who were deeply committed to the principles of collective bargaining and to helping our students who demonstrate a significant economic need.

Download the cover sheet, with detailed information on the application process, here [available soon].

The deadline to apply for these $500 scholarships will be announced soon.  

Keep in mind that letters of recommendation are required (by the deadline) and no applications (including rec letters) will be considered after the deadline. 

Review the guidelines for submissions on the above link and if you have any questions, contact Linda Turano in AFT Local 1904's office at 973-655-4453.

2019 Deadline: TBA

[Download Application...Available Soon]


Essex County Labor Scholarship Award Criteria for High School Seniors

  • To receive an Award, the recipient must be a High School Senior and be accepted at an accredited college or accredited post-high school education program.
  • To be eligible for an Award, the guardian must be a member of a local union affiliated with the Essex-West Hudson Central Labor Council, AFL-CIO.
  • 10 - $1000 Scholarships will be awarded for one academic year.
       Each applicant must submit:
       1. A 250 word written statement explaining why you qualify for the                award as well as your commitment to the Labor Movement.
       2. An Official Transcript from the applicant’s high school.
       3. Any Community Service/Extracurricular activities.
       4. An official acceptance letter from your school of choice, post high              school.

2019 Deadline: April 19