COPE means Committee On Political Education. It is the AFL-CIO political support organization. Contributions to COPE are divided half to the State Council and half to Local 1904. We use the funds to support candidates or promote issues favorable to our members. Regular union dues are not used for political contributions. [Learn more]

Why Contribute to COPE?
We mostly support state assembly and senate candidates. Contributions of $200-$300 are significant in such races and give our local (or the Council) access to legislators to court their support for our needs.

Only COPE contributors are eligible to participate on the local's COPE Committee. The COPE Committee functions under the guidelines of its constitution which can be found here

How Much Does It Cost?
You can deduct a COPE contribution of as little as $.50 per paycheck. We recommend $1 (or more). For faculty, $1 means $21.50 or $22 per year, or $26 per year for librarians and professional staff.

How Do I Contribute?
[Click here to print a COPE deduction card]. Print it, sign it and return it via campus mail to Deb Corasio in the union office (Dickson Hall 104).

How Is My Money Used?
If you want to be active in deciding how to use COPE money, join the Local 1904 COPE committee. Contact the union office to join - call ext. 4453 or email

Contact the AFT Local 1904 Office at