Voting in New Jersey

Important Deadlines
  • Voter Registration: The registration deadline to vote at the next election is 21 days prior to election day.
  • Absentee Ballot Application: To receive your ballot by mail, the application must be recieved by the County Clerk 7 days prior to the election. A voter may also apply in person to the County Clerk until 3:00 p.m., the day before the election.
  • Voted Absentee Ballot: received by 8pm on Election Day

Important Websites

Register to vote
Recommended: You can also use the New Jersey's voter registration form. Fill out the form and mail it to the New Jersey Division of Elections. The address is on the form.

Verify your voter registration
It's best to verify your voter registration before applying for your absentee ballot. If there's a problem with your registration, register again before proceeding.

NOTE: Most people receive their voter registration cards in the mail 2-3 weeks after registering to vote. Don't worry if you lost your voter registration card. You don't actually need it to vote.

Make sure you're eligble to vote by absentee ballot
Good news! Any registered voter may vote by absentee ballot.

Apply for your absentee ballot
Download and complete the New Jersey Absentee Ballot Application. Mail your completed application to your County Clerk. You may apply for an absentee ballot by mail up until the 7th day before an election. You can also apply in person to your County Clerk up until 3 pm the day before an election. Your absentee ballot will be mailed to you on or after the 40th day prior to an election.

Receive, complete and return your absentee ballot
Your ballot will be mailed to you along with instructions and a return envelope. Fill it out and put your voted ballot in the return envelope. Sign where indicated. Mail your completed ballot back to your County Board of Elections (the address will be on the envelope). Your ballot must be received by 8pm on election day.