One of AFT Local 1904’s central functions is to assist you with addressing work place related problems. It is often difficult to know when one should contact the Local. We can assist you with employment related matters, salary and benefits (health insurance, etc.) related issues, as well as general occupational health and safety matters.

Below are some examples of when you or another member should seek representation from the Union to get assistance with resolving your problems and securing your rights. 

  • You have been not recommended for reappointment or promotion. 
  • You are having difficulties with your supervisor, department chair or Dean. 
  • You have received a letter from a college/university official criticizing your performance. 
  • You believe your salary, increments, or workload are not being properly calculated or that college/university policies are being unfairly or inequitably applied. 
  • You believe you have been discriminated against because of your age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, color, creed, nationality, ability, or political or union activity. 
  • You are the subject of sexual harassment or have been accused of sexual harassment. 
  • You have been discouraged by a supervisor or other member of management from seeking Union assistance. 
  • You believe you are about to be called into a disciplinary meeting with your supervisor, chairperson or Dean. 
  • You are regularly expected to work significantly beyond the usual work hours for a given position. 

For a more complete list of situations when you should seek representation from the Local, please click here to learn more about what the Council of New Jersey State College Locals (CNJSCL) advises.

Many times these issues, as well as others, can be handled informally without filing a grievance. On the occasions when informal efforts are unsuccessful, and with the member’s permission, the Local will file a grievance (i.e., a claim of a contract violation) against the University on behalf of the member.
To learn more about what a grievance is about, please click here to learn more from the CNJSCL about grievances.

What to do if a meeting with a supervisor has disciplinary implications?

Exercise your Weingarten Rights. You have the right to stop the meeting and request that it not continue until a union representative can be there with you. If a representative cannot come to a meeting in progress, the meeting can be rescheduled for a time mutually agreeable to all parties.

Occupational Health and Safety Concerns:
Too hot, too cold, have a leak in your ceiling or other work place safety issues? Please contact the University’s Administration (Facilities Service Desk or other appropriate department) and file a work order. If the problem is not addressed in a timely manner or fixed after repeated attempts, please contact the Local for assistance. Be sure to email the Local copies of your work orders or other documentation, so that we can properly assist you, to

To view the MSU Comprehensive Safety Plan [click here]

If you think you work in a sick building [
click here]

Problems with Health Insurance Coverage?
If you're having problems with your health benefits, the Union may be able to help. Contact the Local at (973) 655-4453 or to seek assistance.

Injured at work?
Click here to learn more on what to do.

Questions? Call the Local at 973-655-4453