Meet Our Officers

Rich Wolfson
Secondary and Special Education
Brian Abrams
Vice President of Internal Affairs

Music Therapy

Maughn Gregory 
Vice President for Personnel
Educational Foundations

Bill Sullivan
Vice President for Negotiations   
Exercise Science

Jennifer Higgins 
Vice President for External Affairs
Advancement Services

Susan Hagen 
Secondary & Special Education

Mike Heller
Director, Language Learning
Bill Vincenti
Librarian Representative

Jonathan Howell
Faculty Representative

Hugh Curnutt
Negotiations Agent Liaison
School of Communication and Media


Alex Sperling
Professional Staff Negotiator
Campus Recreation
Adrian Reagan
Professional Staff Coordinator
Center of Pedagogy     


    Council of New Jersey State College Locals

    • Rich Wolfson
    • Jennifer Higgins
    • Brian Abrams
    • Joy Bradway
    • Ken Brook
    • Hugh Curnutt
    • Laura Field
    • Mike Heller
    • Denise O'Shea
    • Becky Pataki
    • Adrian Reagan
    • Asoina Richardson
    • Alexander Sperling
    • Bill Sullivan
    • William Vincenti
    • Krystal Woolston

    AFTNJ the NJ State Federation

    • Jennifer Higgins
    • Bill Sullivan
    • Rich Wolfson
    • Mike Heller