Why should you join the Local 1904?      
  • Higher union membership strengthens our position at both statewide and local bargaining tables. More members mean a better contract and less chance of a strike.
  • Union dues are your fair share of funds to assist members and conduct contract negotiations. By joining the union, you help keep these funds available for the time when you or a colleague needs support and pays for the costs associated with negotiating a contract from which you benefit. The union provides this support whether you join or not.
  • Joining the union, i.e. moving from agency fee payer to full dues paying member status, allows you to vote for officers and to be a candidate for an officership and on contract ratifications.
  • More members for our Local means greater voting strength at the Council of New Jersey State College Locals (Council) where major decisions are made about contract negotiations, ratification and strikes. We get a Council delegate for each 50 members. Bargaining unit agency shop numbers do not give us delegates. Currently Local 1904 has almost 70% of our bargaining members as full union members. We are now the 2nd highest membership local, after Kean University that has over 90% members.
  • Joining the union is your statement of solidarity with your colleagues and of your strong support for affordable educational excellence at MSU and fair pay and benefits for all of us -- you included -- who work hard to realize that educational excellence.
How much does it cost to join?
Local 1904 union dues are 1% of pre-tax salary. If you do not join, you still pay 0.85% of your gross salary as an agency shop fee. Becoming a full member therefore costs 0.15% (.0015), or, $1.50 for every $1,000 of income.

Faculty Example: If you make $50,000 before taxes, it costs $75 per year to join the union. Faculty receive paychecks based on 21.5-21.7 pay periods per year. That means it costs about $75/21.5=$3.49 per paycheck to join the union. (Actual amount per check will differ slightly because of the slight variation in number of pay periods.)

Staff/Librarian Example: Librarians and Professional Staff receive 26 paychecks per year. If you make $40,000 before taxes, it costs you $60 per year to join. Or, about $2.31 per paycheck.

What are the general benefits of AFT membership?
In addition to strengthening the Local, there are other benefits to becoming a member of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). Learn about all the benefits here

How do you join the Local 1904?
To join, complete a membership card. AFT Local 1904 now has an updated membership card which allows current full-members re-affirm their membership, while specifying a name and address of one or more beneficiaries on the Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) policy (recently upgraded to a $30,000 value) that the Local provides for each full member. The new card also provides agency fee payers to join and become full-members, and when they join they may also provide the name and address of the beneficiary for the AD&D policy. Please note that the beneficiaries of this policy need not match those specified on any other beneficiary documents at Montclair State. Click here to download a membership card. Print it. Sign it. Send it via campus mail to Linda Turano at Dickson Hall 104.

Membership Questions?
Contact the Local's office ext. 4453 or email