Wednesday, February 20, 2013

CNJSCL Endorses Barbara Buono for Governor

At the February 15, 2013 Council of NJ State College Locals' (Council) delegate meeting, representing the Council's eleven locals, the Council unanimously voted to endorse Barbara Buono, the Democratic candidate for Governor. Her voting record on labor issues during her decade as a State Senator is 92%. This includes advocacy of a higher minimum wage, pegged to inflation, guaranteed sick days and protection of public employee health and pension benefits.

Tim Haresign, Council President commented, " Senator Buono has demonstrated time and time again that she is a true friend to the working people of this state. We need a leader of this state who will take action to support the middle class. Under the Christie administration New Jersey has the worst job creation numbers of any state in the country and has suffered big cuts to funding in education. Senator Buono is dedicating to reversing these trends and fighting for a brighter future for the workers and students of the New Jersey."

Sunday, February 10, 2013

AFT Scholarships Available

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) has announced the Robert G. Porter Scholars Program for 2013. This program offers two scholarships:
  • Four 4-year, $8,000 post-secondary scholarships to students who are dependents of AFT members; and
  • Ten one-time $1,000 grants to AFT members to assist with their continuing education.
The deadline to apply for both programs is April 1, 2013. To learn more about these opportunities and dowload the applications, visit AFT - A Union of Professionals - Scholarships

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Board of Trustees Statement

On February 7, 2013, Rich Wolfson, President of AFT Local 1904, addressed Montclair State University's Board of Trustees about several items, but most importantly about the recent designation of many Professional Staff as Essential Services Employees. Read his full statement by clicking here

At this time, the Local would like to remind members that if they believe they should not be designated as an Essential Services Employee, to please contact the Local. If any member who received such notification is required to report to work during what the media is referring to as Blizzard Nemo, and cannot do so for a legitimate reason (for example a lack of child care or the route you travel to campus on is not passable) and is subsequently informed they will be docked pay and/or disciplined, please contact Debra Davis at the Council of NJ State College Locals immediately.