Wednesday, May 7, 2014

BKMUW Scholarships Awarded

The 2014 BKMUW Scholarship recipients will be introduced at the May 7, 2014 General Union Meeting. The scholarship committee selected 6 receipients for 2014, two of which will be receiving a new sub-award, the Yovnello-CNJSCL Scholarship, which is funded by our bargaining agent, the Council of New Jersey State College Locals (CNJSCL). 

The 2014 BKMUW Scholarship recipients are:

Marissa J. Ranalli
Yomna Emara
Audra Hofacker
Domenica Ahmuty
Ralph Olacio (Yovnello-CNJSCL Scholarship)
Cynthia C. Huasipoma (Yovnello-CNJSCL Scholarship)

Each scholarship recipient will receive $500 that will be credited towards their account with the University.

Many thanks to the BKMUW Scholarship Committee for its hard work. The 2014 BKMUW Scholarship Committee members  are: Aditya Adarkar, Mei Ling Chow, Carmen Reves-Cuevas, Louise Davies, Jonida Dervishi, Fred Gardin, Jack Gaynor, Susan Hagen, John O'Brien, Karen Ramsden, Jeffrey Schonfeld, Alexander Sperling and Mayida Zaal. The committee was chaired by Jennifer Higgins, VP for Internal Affairs for AFT Local 1904.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Election Results: Officers for 2014-2016

To All Members: 

Results of the Officer and Delegate elections for AFT Local 1904, for the term of May 1, 2014 through April 30, 2016, are listed below.

We congratulate the officers and delegates elected, both those newly elected and those continuing in office, and trust they will do their best in representing our members, locally at Montclair State University and with the State, in facing the challenges that lay ahead.

In Solidarity,

AFT Local 1904 2014 Elections Committee:
Brian Abrams
Louise Davies
Paul Martinez, Chair


President:   Rich Wolfson
Vice Presdient for Internal Affairs:   Vanessa Domine
Vice President for External Affairs:   Bill Sullivan
Vice President for Personnel:   Kathy Hughes
Vice President for Negotiations:   Ken Brook
Professional Staff Negotiations Coordinator:   Jennifer Higgins
Treasurer:   Mike Heller
Secretary:   Neeraj Vedwan
Librarian Coordinator:   Mei Ling Chow
Professional Staff Coordinator:   Susan Hagen
Faculty Coordinator:   Maughn Gregory

Council Delegates:

Council Delegate:     Alex Sperling
Council Delegate:     Mike Heller
Council Delegate:     Jennifer Higgins
Council Delegate:     Edina Renfro-Michel
Council Delegate:     Naomi Liebler
Council Delegate:     Ken Brook
Council Delegate:     Krystal Woolston
Council Delegate:     Bill Sullivan
Council Delegate:     Neeraj Vedwan
Council Delegate:     Bill Vincenti
Council Delegate:     David Benfield

Friday, May 2, 2014

Krystal Woolston is an Everyday Hero

AFT Local 1904's own Krystal Woolston was selected as the 2014 AFT Everyday Hero for Higher Education.  Krystal, along with the other 2014 Everyday Hero finalists, will be honored at this year's AFT convention. Read more about Krystal and the other AFT Everyday Heroes by clicking here.