Monday, June 8, 2015

Local 1904 Congratulates Cassidy DeProspo

L-R: Sandy Marschall, Cassidy DeProspo, Local 1904 VP - Bill Sullivan
On Sunday, June 7th, the Essex-West Hudson Labor Council, AFL-CIO, held the 28th gathering of its Annual Breakfast.  The breakfast honorees were Sharon Eastwick, Business Manager for OPEIU Local 32, Lionel A. Leach, Jr., President of CWA Local 1039, and Assemblyman John F. McKeon. The EWHLC Scholarship Fund awarded 18 scholarships at the breakfast, one of which was given to Cassidy DeProspo, daughter of Sandy Marschall AFT Local 1904 member who works in the Sprague Library.

Giving Students Tools to Help Others

A Letter of Appeal From Our Own Krystal Woolston
My name is Krystal Woolston and I currently direct the Bonner Leader AmeriCorps program here at Montclair State University. The Bonner Program is a group of 35-45 students each year that commit to doing 300 hours of community service throughout the academic year. As part of their service, Bonners participate in service trips locally in New Jersey as well as nationally in places like New Orleans and North Carolina when they've been declared natural disasters. Often during those trips, we are asked to rebuild or gut homes, but the tools used to do so are typically whatever has been donated many times lacking the appropriate tools or lacking quality (for example plastic scrapers vs. metal).

We are hoping for your help with this. We have created a wish list on of all of the tools and supplies we traditionally use on these trips and service days. We want to create a tool supply kit here at MSU that can be brought on these trips and returned so we will always have the tools needed and be able to do quality service for the individuals we're helping. We'd appreciate anything you could do to help us. 

If you have difficulty following the link (sometimes if you're not already logged into amazon it will not go straight to our wishlist) you also search wish lists. You would put my email address into the search box and the "Bonner Service List" will pop up. A great part of wish lists is when you purchase from Amazon they will ship the items directly to our office here at MSU so you will not need to deliver it!

Feel free to reach out to me at  if you have any questions! Again, any support you could offer would be greatly appreciated!

Investigative Report Uncovers ALEC Ethic Scandal - Lobbyists Build Bills for Legislators

For an inside look into how the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) operates, watch the video of 11Alive's investigative report in Atlanta, Georgia. The news team interviews a Georgia legislator who is a former member of ALEC, and speaks with lobbyists who help fund ALEC. Watch how corporations and lobbyists are working to control the American legislative process and how elected officials are selling influence. Click above to watch the story.

Caring For All - AFT Local 1904 Raises Funds for Animal Shelter

During the month of May, members and friends of AFT Local 1904 helped to raise over $450, growing on past success, for the animals housed at the Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter. Your donations will help to feed and shelter our animal friends and continues our commitment to our local communities. Thank you!