Sunday, October 28, 2018

The AFT Local 1904 Stands in Solidarity With Communities Impacted by Hate-Based Violence

The officers and members of American Federation of Teachers Local 1904, representing the faculty, professional staff, specialists and librarians at Montclair State University, offer our sincere condolences to the communities of the First Baptist Church and the African American community nationwide on the senseless murder of two African Americans in these hateful acts of racism. We also express our solidarity with your congregation and the entire African American community of Kentucky in the struggle against racism in all its forms. 

Likewise, we offer sincere condolences to Tree of Life Synagogue on the senseless execution of your family members, friends, and fellow congregants in these hateful acts of antisemitism—and we further express our solidarity with your congregation and the entire Jewish community in standing up against antisemitism. 

To our Members: Please utilize AFT's Addressing Racism and Stereotyping and Anti-Semitism and Addressing Hate "Share My Lesson" materials as tools in talking about these acts of violence with students, members of the university community, and members of your family.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

AFT Local 1904 Helps Get Out the Vote

Officers and other Members of the AFT Local 1904, along with Morris County Central Labor Council, gathered bright and early this morning, doing their part in efforts to get out the vote for pro-labor, pro-union New Jersey candidate for the 11th Congressional District, Mikie Sherrill! Mikie was there to give encouragement and rally the troops, as was AFT President Randi Weingarten. Let’s get out the vote for labor in New Jersey!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

AFT Local 1904 at Montclair State University Homecoming 2018

The AFT Local 1904 celebrated Montclair State Homecoming 2018 via its usual table in front of Dickson Hall. Interns tending the table distributed AFT pens, pencils, key chains, first aid kits, water, and other merchandise, while informing present students about the Local's scholarship opportunities.